Award-winning design star Tracy Murdock has been designing the interiors of LA’s celebrity and business elite for over a decade now. Tracy’s travels all over the world have imprinted and shaped her signature “drop dead design” style which covers the gamut from classic, to colorful, and dramatic to contemporary and are her trademark today. Throughout her career, Tracy’s interiors have won numerous awards and have been featured in many design books and publications.


An unabashed perfectionist, Tracy believes firmly that the beauty lies in the details. “My number one goal is to achieve my client’s vision and to capture their personality, reflecting it in the design.” Establishing such familiarity with each client, often to the degree of being able to cater to their requests for not just a new interior scheme but also a new lifestyle, is possible because Murdock maintains a boutique operation. “I feel a responsibility toward my clients,” says Murdock, “in that they hired me to design, and it’s important that they know they are getting my full attention. I learn the way my clients live, they are usually completely involved in what I’m putting together, many for the first time. I want them to feel that gratification later when they are living in their home, that they were a part of it, that their ‘HOME’ reflects them”. The process is a collaborative one. “Most of my clients don’t understand the scope of a project until it’s well under way,” she says. “Creativity is only half the job. This is a complex business. The administration process, the management of budgets, purchase orders and expediting, deadlines and deliveries is a challenge. But I love the process and have a passion for details and organization”.

Today, Tracy lives in Beverly Hills California, coming full circle after moving to Hidden Valley in 1995, onto Calabasas and then to Malibu for 5 years. When not spending time with her two extraordinary children; entrepreneur and fashion designer Nicolas Bijan and Alexandra, her whip smart, trendsetting, beauty blogging daughter with not only an economics degree, but a law degree to boot, she enjoys dining with friends, movies, yoga and daily Frisbee with her two Whippets Honey & Georgie, whose beauty and grace continually inspire her and their silhouettes appear on her trademark logo! 

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